Quaker Park Applications is Solutions Consulting. Its goal is to create software that truly answers a client’s needs.

Brian W. Smith, the owner, has over 25 years of experience as a professional consultant. He has learned that the three most important factors in providing quality software solutions are:

  • Solving the right problem.

    The primary skill at Quaker Park is consulting. That means listening to the client and users, understanding the complexity of their problem, and identifying the points critical to solve it. The resulting software or system must meet their needs. No matter how elegant piece of code a programmer can produce, if that doesn’t solve the client’s problem it is wasted effort.

  • Developing the right solution.

    The technology, tools and techniques used to produce the final software product must fit the problem. Rather than forcing the problem into a single favorite “answer”, a great deal of effort is spent in finding the best solution of the clients users and environment.

    Work in the Energy, Chemical, Health Care, Financial, Transportation, Communications, Computer Services and Engineering Services industries, has produced a unique solution for each assignment.

    The tools have ranged from FORTRAN, C and C++ for simulating physical processes, Lisp for modeling complex planning operation, Powerbuilder and Oracle for inventory accounting systems and Visual Basic for multi-tier distributed applications.

    Key to all of the assignments is the ability to draw upon a wide range of methodologies and techniques and integrate them into a process of working with the client to solve their problem.

  • Delivering at the right time.

    This means commitment to the client and pride in workmanship. Frequently, the most important question is: When can software be delivered?

    Prior to a project, the relationship between features, duration and budget are explored with the client. This results in a proposal of what can accomplish in the time and budget available.

    Once an assignment is accepted our guarantee is that we will do whatever it takes to make the outcome successful.