Trying out the Samsung Droid Charge


This has been the week of the smart phone. Three iPhones and one Android. The family plan just got bit more expensive, but the capabilities seem  well  worth it. Time will tell. Technology advances and unless you want  to see it over run you I suppose you  should make sure you use it. We’ve gone from analog “bag” phones, through analog phones you could actually carry and almost fit into a pocket to digital “feature” phones with limited data plans that charged you two dollars anytime you hit the wrong button.  Finally we’ve reached smart phones that in  shirt-pocket sized package do most of what used to require several devices and bags.

Right now I’m still in bed posting to the blog from  the android.  As on the iPhone and iPod Touch, all you have to do is figure out how to find the application that you need.  This one is “WordPress for Android”.  It’s basic but once you adjust the settings on the blog to accept the proper update protocol, you can post blog entries and edit pages.  It’s not touch typing.  But with an onscreen keyboard that  anticipates what the next word you want to type is going to be, it isn’t as slow as one-fingering.

It can even add photos from the phone…  This one was all I had saved on the phone.  It’s a picture I took in the car on the way back from the phone store.  I could take a new one, but there would be objections…

It’s been a long time between posts on this blog.  Mostly I’ve just been using it to test out  WP features and plugins before adding them to one of the “customer” sites.  Perhaps with more ways of  making updates they will become more frequent.

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