Software and Data Security and Privacy

I’ve added a new page describing some of the measures that I have taken to assure continuity in delivering professional services, how I protect work product and how I protect client information.  Someone asked, I wrote a two pager, and liked it enough to put it on this site.

I take security and confidentiality quite seriously.  It is really an extension of the consulting environment that I was first exposed to at Arthur D. Little, Inc.  The first rule was that you didn’t discuss other clients and assignments with the client with whom you were working.  Proposals only revealed what we had done previously using “statements of qualification” that never mentioned a client by name.   At most the statements would indicate work done for ‘a major retailer’, ‘an international oil producer’,  ‘a regional airline.’  In general, unless it was a specific  deliverable of the assignment, the client also could not use our work product for advertising or release it outside of their organization. This assured that we could work together, share the information necessary for the work and neither the client or the consultant would have information released.

The criteria for protecting client information was to protect it as well as your own personal information that you would not want to have revealed.  I suppose that at the time, pre-Internet, it was simple.  What needed to be watched and protected were notes and documents, locked in a file cabinet, and what you said in conversations.  With the expectations of social media, using it for self-marketing and letting everyone know everything about anything, it may now seem strange to enforce privacy.  But discretion concerning ones clients is key to being a consultant.