Welcome to Quaker Park Applications

I’ve been doing business as Quaker Park Applications since April of 1990.  The focus of my work has been the development of software applications that try to make sense out of complexity.  Before starting QPA, I was a staff member at Arthur D. Little for thirteen years, and then manager of Consulting and Educational services at Gold Hill Computers for three years.

As Quaker Park Applications, I’ve developed and worked on a number of interesting systems:

For one of the original computer service providers, I developed AutoScan which was an automated system for reading and classifying  bulletin board messages.  This was used to identify those messages that needed a look by the moderators to determine if the content, was offensive, illegal or off-topic.  At its peak the system was processing over 2.5 million messages per week. (Quite a lot at the time when you consider the alternative of the moderators reading each message before posting.)

For a manufacturer of blood product collection and processing equipment, I developed a prototype clearinghouse and exchange for blood components.  When fully implemented it will give blood banks a private network for matching their needs with excess inventory in other regions of the country.

For a major design and construction firm in the nuclear industry, I have produced enhancements and new modules for ShuffleWorks.  This is a set of planning and monitoring tools used to create and validate move sequences for core re-fueling.  I’ve helped extend their software products by developing CaskWorks — a planning tool for moving spent fuel to dry storage canisters, and PoolWorks — a tool for estimating and planning for long term spent fuel pool capacity.

For the same company, I have worked on a related system used for accountability reporting to the US and international regulatory groups for the industry.

I’m also interested in geothermal heat pumps, advanced air-source heat pumps, magnetic induction cooktops, solar and wind power.   I have worked with a regional HVAC contractor developing heat load and capacity balance point estimates for residential and commercial climate control systems.